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Thermal Transfer Overprinter Ribbon

    Product introduction: Thermal Transfer Overprinter ribbon(TTO) used for Makem 8018 and X40 printer Videojet 6210 and 6320 printer and Domino printer to code clear instant dry marks which are hard to wipe off and without pol


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Thermal Transfer Overprinter ribbon(TTO) used for Makem 8018, and X40 printer, Videojet 6210 and 6320 printer, and Domino printer, to code clear, instant dry marks which are hard to wipe off and without pollution of solvent on plastic films and labels. It's the best way to code EXP date, Best before Date, Lots No. etc... It's the best replacement for hot coding foil and hot ink roller.

Used for thermal transfer overprinter
Wax/Resin TTO and Resin TTO for options
Workable for various production and storing requirements,              
with the excellent characteristics as oil-resistance, high-temperature-sterilization resistance, cold-resistance

Model Type features size
AT803 WAX/RESIN To print batch number, Date, Bar code etc...on a variety of flexible packaging and self-adhesive labels 33mm*450M, 33mm*600M,
AT808 Enhanced WAX/RESIN PVC, PET, PE, PP, Coated paper 33mm*450M, 33mm*600M,

Food industries flexible packaging industries Pharmaceutical industries
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