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36mm*32mm black hot ink rolls for printing Production Date

Product Description

 Black ink roller is suitable for MY380 marking machine, sealing machine, packaging machine, packaging machine and other mechanical printing various characters, can be printed on soft packaging materials, such as: paper, plastic bags (food, medicine, beverages, etc.) . Conventional: 36mm * 10mm, 36mm * 16mm, 36mm * 32mm, 36mm * 36mm, 40mm * 40mm, 40mm * 60mm, etc., any size and color can be customized for you.

Product Category

Product Type

Print Temperature

Universal Features



Low Temperature

AT 906


Excellent adaptability for variety of different printing substrates the printing clearness and low cost

Long service life, excellent printing result for low temperature







Can be Customized

High Temperature

AT 908


Fast dry ability, wide printing temperature, excellent adaptability with suitable for high temperature and speed printing, strong adhesion

Company Information

 Henan Able Tech Co.,Ltd is a coding foil manufacturer and exporter, the joint of trade and industry. Located in Xinxiang city (China)---a famous former manufacturing city and the home of coding supplies. Our products cover hot coding foil, hot ink roller, thermal transfer ribbon(TTR), TTO ribbon, Date coding machine, Inkjet printer , laser marking machine and coder accessories, which can be used for printing Mfg./Exp. date, batch No., bar code and other marking formation on the packing materials of your products.
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Packaging & Shipping

size:36mm*32mm 12 grains per box

by sea /By air /Land carriage




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