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Intelligent Handheld Inkjet Printer

Intelligent Handheld Inkjet Printer adopt the world's leading HP original inkjet technology, designed with replaceable plug-and-play cartridges. It has a high-definition touch screen display, 300~600 DPI printing quality, prints dates, time, and serial numbers etc. Bar codes, QR codes and images are all also included as available formats. Porous and non porous inks in many colors available.



1. 4.3 inch intelligent operation panel.

2. Large capacity information storage. One Ink Cartridge provides 300,0000 characters spraying.

3. Barcode, QR code and as well as logo printing

4. Touchscreen thumb drive and pc data entry and backup (comes with pc software)

5. Operate by hand, Or working together with the machine stand with sensor and conveyor

6. Wide applications---Glassware, Beverage Packaging, Woodiness Board, Fast Food Packaging, Cosmetic Industry, Wire&Cable marking, Pharmaceuticals Industry, Building Supplies, etc...

Print EXP date, Mfg, Batch number, or logo, pattern on the objects.








AT530 / AT630

Printing Font

High-definition font, raster font

Printing Definition


Printing Lines

1~6 lines, adjustable

Character Height

2mm~12mm, adjustable

Printing Distance

2mm-5mm (Best distance between Nozzle and object)

Printing Speed

Max 50m/min (Continuous printing)


>1000 E byte

Ink Cartridge Volume

50ml, Max Printing 3 billion letters

External Interface

USB, Photoelectric Interface

Control Panel

Smart Touch Screen

Net Weight

1.18 kgs

System Consumption

< 5w, on average.

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