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Hot Ink Roller

    Product introduction: Widely used in Pharmacy and Food Packing industry to printing Batch Number,EXP Date and text label.


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Hot Ink Roller widely used in Pharmacy and Food Packing industry to printing Batch Number, EXP and text label.
After pre-headed in the roll coder, Hot Ink Roll will print good quality of production date.

Model AT906 AT908
Type Low Temperature High Temperature
Color Black, White, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green
Long service life.
Excellent printing results for low
Fast-dry ability.
Wide printing temperature.
Excellent adaptability with suitable
for high temperature &speed printing.
Strong adhesion.
Features Excellent adaptability for variety of different printing substrates, the printing clearness. Low cost.
36mm*10mm, 36mm*16mm,
36mm*32mm, 40mm*40mm,
48mm*60mm, etc...
Special size can be specialized
Print Temperature 90℃~120℃ 130℃~160℃



              Size=OD(mm) * H(mm)



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