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All kinds of labels of your need! Coated paper Label, Thermal Transfer Label, Matte Silver Label..

    Product introduction: Coated paper label - We supply high quality semi-gloss coated paper self-adhesive stickers matt silver label sticker and thermal transfer labels. Coated paper label are widely used in the field of Medi


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Coated paper label-One of the regular labels people widely use.  We supply high quality semi-gloss coated paper, self-adhesive stickers, matt silver label sticker, decorated custom made labels and thermal transfer labels. 

Coated paper label are widely used in the field of Medicine labels Food labels Security labels Clothing label.
1. Semi-gloss coated paper.
2. Self-adhesive stickers.
3. Permanent glue.
4. Thermal transfer printer use requires ribbon to print.

Place of Origin China
Size wide: 100mm, tall: 100mm
Package 500 stickers each roll
Core 40mm
Material semi-gloss coated paper
Glue Permanent glue
Feature Thermal transfer printer use, requires ribbon to print
Usage Address labels,name labels,carton labels,warehouse labels, furniture labels,product labels.

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