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Marken Smart Date X40

    Product introduction: By making total cost of ownership and the environment essential to the design of SmartDate X40 Markem-Imaje is firmly committed to constantly enhancing the standards of thermal transfer technology.


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The Smart Date X40 represents a transparent advanced coding solution including long term cost control planet conscious design greater uptime and increased performance on the line even in harsh environmental conditions.

New Features:

  • 1.Print area up to 53 x 75 mm or 53 x 100 mm
  • 2.Print speed up to 600 mm per second
  • 3.300 dpi resolution
  • 4.Up to 20% less ribbon waste

Why choose us?

Cost reduction                                                                                        Operation optimization
Patented ribbon saving features                                                         ♦Real-time access availability
Large range of ribbon widths from 20 mm to 55 mm                          Intelligent data entry function

Unmatched reliability                                                                              High-performance printing
18-month standard warranty                                                                Intelligent printhead
Unrivaled printhead warranty                                                               High quality 300 dpi resolution
Zero preventative maintenance
Air consumption down to 0.4 ml/print at 2.5 bar
Power saving features


1.Print speed            
♦Intermittent up to 600 mm/s
♦Continuous 10 to 600 mm/s

2.Print area
♦Intermittent 53 mm x 75 mm
♦Continuous 53 mm x 100 mm

3.Print features                                                                
♦ Dead-dot detection                                                        
♦ Average gap between prints 0.5 mm
♦ Automatic shift codes and serial numbers

4.Print specifications              
♦ Full true type font
♦ Non-Roman characters and symbols
♦ Real-time clock 
♦ Dates and auto updating best before dates
Barcodes, ITF, Code 39, Code 128, EAN 128, EAN 8, EAN 13, UPC A, UPC E, RSS linear, PDF 417, ID Matrix, QR and Composite RSS barcodes support

5.User interface
♦ Monochromatic user interface or color LCD touch screen
♦ WYSIWYG print preview
♦ Full diagnostics

♦ CoLOS® Create 5.0 for design of simple messages
7.Air supply
♦ 6 bar/90 psi

8.Air consumption 
♦ 0.4 ml/print at 2.5 bar

♦ IP protection option suitable for pressured water cleaning
♦ Mounting bracket
♦ Encoders



Designed to print crisp. clean codes on a variety of substrates used in retail food and food service-even on packaging lines that run around the clock.
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High quality permanent codes on pharmaceutical packaging materialssuch as labels blister packs and films.
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Whether you 're producing trial sizes or family packages SmartDate X40 thermal transfer coders are ideal for printing directly on labels or flexible film.
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Markem-Imaje works closely with the leading OEM's in the packaging industry to ensure our products are designed for easy installation. Our products include an option to connect via a web browser as to integrate the coder controls to host packaging machines.


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