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Markem Smart Date 8081

    Product introduction: New features: 1.Excellent quality prints. 2.High rub resistance prints. 3.Real-time digital. 4.Highest printing capability. 5.More print flexibility.


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Able Tech's commitment: Transferring the capacity you need.

Are you looking to improve the quality of your codes?

The new improved Markem-Imaje 8018 thermal transfer coder delivers:
  • • Excellent quality prints - through the entire roll of ribbon-avoiding fading and thus improving your company brand imaje and quality.
  • • High rub resistance prints - from our new resin ribbon.
  • • Real-time digital - printing giving you enhanced printer flexiblity fro now and your future.
  • • Highest printing capability - including automatic best before dates, shift codes, time codes as well as the capability to print barcodes and loges.
  • • More print flexibility - to print however many lines you want, with whatever fonts you want.

Why choose us?

High performance printing
  • • Impeccable thermal transfer print quality throughout the roll 
  • • New resin ribbon producing codes that do not rub off or smudge
  • • Improved print speed up to 150 packs a minute with a 10 mm two-line date code
  • • No manual adjustment required from the first print to the last of the roll
Cost reduction
  • • Fully featured printer - for all of your coding needs.
  • • Optimized ribbon usage, 1 mm gap between prints
  • • New radial ribbon saving option to further reduce ribbon consumption and cost
Unmatched reliability
•  Simple robust design giving proven reliability from the world's leading SmartDate thermal transfer coder supplier


•  No air consumption required, reducing costs, and improving reliability

Operation Optimization

  • • Alarm funtion when ribbon is low or empty to avoid poor quality prints and non-coded packs
  • • Simple and easy to use user interface
  • • Real-time printing for no downtime when changing printed dates/times or shift codes
  • • Easy to change and setup  jobs with date, time, best before dates, lot and batch codes, customer logo and other variable information, improving uptime and reducing errors
  • • Memory sticj database function, with memory capacity of up to 1.000 imajes (including Chinese)
  • • Up to 550 m maximum ribbon length - increasing the time between changes

Print speed: up to 4.6 m/s
Font height : from 5 to 32 dots for multiline messages
Character height: from 1,5 to 11 mm
ide choice of characters: Latin, Arabic, Japanese, Cyrillic, W Hebrew, Chinese, Korean, etc
Weight: 25 kg

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