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Hot stamping foil

    Product introduction: Hot Stamping Foil(coding foil) used on coder machine:HP-30 HP-241 series ManualTable Top or Online coding machine. To print Production Date Batch NumberEXPbatch number and word labels on the flexible


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Our hot stamping foil(coding foil) is widely used to print Production Date, Batch Number, EXP, and word labels for flexible packaging. 

Coding foil prints better than hot ink rollers, it will be a replacement of hot ink roller. If you think hot ink roller could not satisfy your needs, then you may consider changing to the hot coding foil. It could be used on HP-30, HP-241,HP241B Manual or Table Top or Online coding machine. 

1. Quick-drying.
2. High temperature resistance.
3. Good printing Strong adhesion.
4. Excellent resistance to friction.

Our new model---AT1, AT3,SCF900, SCF905, SCF908 could satisfy your different need of coding features.You can contact us to get more details.

There are different type foils for different purpose, you can choose the best one for your application.

Model Features Temperature Size Color
AT1 For PP、PET、PVC foil General Purpose
Printing clear and complete, 
Good adhesion, suitable for
high temperature sterilization
120°C~150°C Regular size:
25mmX100m /122m
30mmX100m /122m
35mmX100m /122m

Jumbo Size:

Slit Roll Size:
Width: 9mm-60mm
Length: 100m-600m

Special size can be customized





AT3 For PP、PET、PVC Aluminum foil
Suitable for low temperature and Freezing
Applicable for Pharmaceutical industry,
with high speed
SCF-900 For PP、PET、PVC Aluminum Dairy foil,
Suitable for high speed labeling machine,
High temperature sterilization,
Low temperature
SCF-905 Refrigeration and freeze resistant,
suitable for dairy, industry, frozen
foods industry, etc
SCF-908 Boiling and Sterilization Resistant,
and suitable for foods industry with 
high temperature sterilization.


Size of hot coding foil

                                                                                  Size= L*H

There are different colors for your option: Blue, White, Yellow, Red, Silver, Golden, Black. Black color coding foil is most popular color. 
black hot coding foil
Printing effects for your reference:
coding foil printing samples

Colored foils:

hot coding foil
hot coding foil golden colors

Printing effects for your reference:
Colored coding foil printing effects

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