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High Quality Hot Coding Foil For packaging machinery

    Product introduction: Hot Coding Foil Application Mainly printed on PP PE PET Aluminum milk package and synthetic films common for low temperature printing freeze resistance suitable for dairy industry etc. also suitable fo


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Hot Coding Foil

Mainly printed on PP, PE, PET, Aluminum, milk package and synthetic films, common for low temperature printing, freeze resistance, suitable for dairy industry, etc., also suitable for high temperature boiling, sterilization of the pharmaceutical industry, high temperature sterilization food industry.

Short Description
The composition of the coding foil is made by weaving and dyeing the base of the tape which is woven from nylon yarn. The hot coding foil working principle of the ribbon is to use the dot matrix striker in the needle printer head or the letter punch in the English typewriter to hit the print ribbon and produce a printing effect on the paper. The stamp foil produced by our company is durable and has a strong elasticity. It can be printed for a long time without hairiness, continuous thread, and no leaf edge. Our coding foil has a flat surface, no protruding fiber knots, uniform density of warp and weft. Tight, straight and uniform cutting edge, no scorch.Can be used with ribbon printer HP-241, HP-24B.

Product parameters
Model Printing Material Printing Temperature Products Feature Advantage Size&Color
AT1 PP, PE, PET, Aluminum, milk package and synthetic films 120℃-150℃ Wide application,
High printing blackness,
Excellent adhesion
General purpose, low-temperature printing, refrigeration and freeze resistant, suitable for dairy industry etc. Applicable for pharmaceutical industry with high speed Boiling and sterilization resistant, and Sterilization resistant, and suitable for foods industry with high temperature sterilization 25mm*100m
Jumbo Size:
Slit Roll Size:
Color: Color, Red, White, Blue, Golden
AT3 110℃-150℃
SCF900 120℃-150℃
SCF905 120℃-180℃
SCF908 130℃-180℃

1. Quick-dry.
2. High temperature resistance.
3. Good printing with Strong adhesion.
4. Excellent resistance to friction.
Product Map

Product Printing Effect Chart

Can Be Used With Ribbon Printer HP-241, HP-24B
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