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Brass font for coding machine

    Product introduction: Product Description We are factory of Brass fontsusual size is 2mm*3mm*15mm 2mm*4mm*15mm 3mm*3.5mm*6.8mm 2.5mm*6.8mm*7mm the brass fonts can be used on DY-8/HP241B/HP241/MY380/AT1100A and we support customize according to your requirement.


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Copper Characters and Numbers for Coding Machine(HP241 MY380 DK1100A etc... )One of the accessories on coders.

Stainless steel brass and zinc types can be used on all kinds of hot stamp coder and hot ink roll coders with characteristics of long printing life and excellent wear-resistance.


1. High temperature resistance.
 2. Resistance to wear long usage life.
 3. Standard types: 0-9 A-Z dot and (/).
 4. Size for hot solid ink roll coder
2*3.4*6.8mm; 2.5*7*6.8mm,3.0*3.5*6.8mm ; 3.5*3.5*6.8mm..

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